Womens’ self defence classes have always been a big hit here at the Kaizen Martial Arts Academy and for a good reason. They are not only a great place to learn how to look after yourself, but they are also a good opportunity join in with the gossip!

Our friendly classes are a great place to meet likeminded women while also teaching extremely valuable self defence skills, enabling women to learn skills that would allow them to take control of potentially threatening situations.

Our Essex based self defence classes are designed to teach you how to look after yourself in a real life self defence situation and throughout the course you will develop skills to deal with an attacker whilst improving your stamina, strength and flexibility. And of course your gossiping skills!

Imagine how confident you would feel if you knew that you were an equal match for any situation in which you found yourself. Just imagine the peace of mind that can be yours when you learn and put into practise our up to date techniques that every woman would need when trying to protect herself.

Learning womens self defence will help you stay in control of your life, your safety and your body.

To join in the fun and learn a potentially life-saving skill, call us now on 01992 766842