Karate is renowned for its exceptional kicking and jumping techniques, which vary from punching and striking with the hands and elbows to striking with the shins and knees. Karate, whether practiced as an art, sport or for self-defence, carries the motto ‘never strike the first blow’.

Benefits of karate include fitness, strength, flexibility, weight control, confidence, self discipline and an increased sense of well being.

Karate at Kaizen Martial Arts in Essex offers something for everyone. For those seeking the traditional aspect of martial arts, there are 9 belts to progress through before attempting the prestigious black belt.

With extra classes dedicated to competition techniques it couldn’t be easier to pursue that aspect of karate if you so wish. Whatever your reason for starting karate, we can guarantee you an improved sense of wellbeing, greater fitness and flexibility, improved self confidence and even  an understanding of  general self defence. Regardless of age or sex there really is something to be gained for everybody by taking up karate.

To find out if you qualify or to ask us any questions about our Essex karate classes simply call us  on 01992 766842.